1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

7 April 2011

Winners(3C Lai Hoi Ching)

This was a really good morning. John couldn’t sleep all night because he was extremely nervous, but also quite excited. His football team, the Braves, was going to play an important game tomorrow. After he had tidied himself up, he walked downstairs.
“Mum. Good morning.” said John, smiling to his mother.
“My dear. Good morning. Let’s have breakfast.” said his mother, putting the food on the table.
“Thank you, Mum” replied John, putting his jersey on.
“Oh my dear, your team is going to have a football match tomorrow, right?”
“Yes, I’m extremely nervous. And today is the last chance for us to practise.”
“Oh no, your little brother is on holiday. And today I have to go to work. Then no one will take care of him. So can you… please take him to the practice?” begged his mother.
John didn’t want to do that. It might affect the practice. But he said yes because it was his responsibility to take care of his brother.
They set off to school, John and his brother were hand-in-hand.
“Tim! Don’t give me any trouble, understand?” John demanded with his scary eyes.
“Yes, Sir! I will be the cheerleader for you!” answered Tim, smiling.
They arrived at school. Everyone was quite surprised.
“I promise. He will not give any trouble,” said John.
After that, they started their practice. Everyone tried their best for this last practice.
Suddenly, there was a crying sound.

“John! Come and play with me!”
“Please wait for me” said John, running out of the football court. But everyone seemed to be a little bit angry.
“Tim, you promised not to give me any trouble, right?”
“Then, can you be the cheerleader for us? We need you.”
“Really? Yes, I can,” shouted Tim, laughing loudly.
Then the practice went on. It seemed Tim was really an excellent cheerleader. With his cheering, everyone did extremely well. And the practice ended.
“We are going to win that game!” said all the players as they started going home.
Then Tim and John were on their way back home.
“Tim, you have done extremely well. Thank you,” said John, patting Tim’s head.
“You are welcome! John. You must win tomorrow!
“Of course, we will” answered John confidently.
John invited his mum to watch his game.
“Mum, can you please take Tim to the game?” asked John.
“That’s fine.” replied mum.
“Thank you, mum.” said John, hugging his mother.
The next day, it was game time! Everyone was nervous. But with Tim leading the cheering, everyone did well. And finally they won the game. Everyone was excited and happy.
“Tim! Thank you” shouted John, running to Tim.
“You win! That’s great” shouted Tim, hugging his brother.
They went back home, hand-in-hand again.

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