1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

30 March 2011

3AB Class presentation (theme: Healthy living)

Script written by Simon Chan(3B), Sherry Chan(3B), Qiao Leung(3B) and James Chan(3B)
Presentation given by: Simon Chan(3B), Sherry Chan(3B), Qiao Leung(3B), James Chan(3B), Bet Cheung(3A) and Dylan Szeto(3A)

Recently, all S3 students are learning the topic “Healthy Living”. We want to share with you some tips about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially on how to eat smart.

Scene 1
(Sherry is eating at McDonald’s)

Sherry : Hey, do you know eating McDonald’s is so unhealthy?
Bet: So what, but I can’t stop eating it. Don’t you think it is so delicious? Want some fries?
Sherry : No, thanks. I don't want to become supersized.
Bet: Come on, just a bite.
Sherry : In fact, junk food contains lots of sugar and fat but very low nutrition value. Have you ever watched a movie called “Super size me!”?
Bet: Never heard of this one before. What is it about?
Sherry : It’s about a man in the US trying to do an experiment on himself. He wanted to find out what would happen to him after eating McDonald’s meals for 30 days.
Bet: Wow, cool. How was he then?
Sherry: Well, he gained 25 pounds in 30 days! It is about 10% of his original weight!
Bet: Really? It sounds scary! Actually I feel I’ve put on weight recently…. But I just can’t live without them, especially McDonald’s, what can I do?
Sherry : Why don’t we listen to the conversations between the CEO of McDonald’s Mr. James Parkinson and our school’s dietician, Dr. Qiao Leung?

Scene 2
(In the school hall, debating)
Qiao:Do you know that fast food plays an increasingly important part of our diet? A survey in Hong Kong showed that 10% of people eat fast food at least once a week! That’s really scary!

James(CEO of McDonald’s): Oh! I see you point but it is quick and convenient. Also, fast food is very delicious and cheap too!

Qiao:Nonsense! Have you seen the movie “Supersize Me”? It’s about the terrifying health results of an actor eating your food for a whole month.

James:Oh! Ridiculous! Mcdonald’s food is very very healthy. Our ‘salad series’ is a good example. It contains plenty of vegetables which are tasty and good for your health!

Qiao: Are you kidding me?

James: I’m honest. Can’t you see almost every teenager loves eating fast food like Big Mac and French fries? But it seems that they don’t have such terrifying health problems. McDonald’s is the BEST! Hahaha… I’m lovin it! I’m lovin it!

Qiao:Come on, stop misleading us! Fast food such as French Fries contains excess fat, salt and cholesterol and it leads to many health problems which increase the chance of developing obesity, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes …… you name it!

Scene 3
(In the classroom)

Simon: After hearing the conversation between the dietician and the CEO of McDonald’s, we know that fast food is delicious but unhealthy.

Dylan: Yes, you are right! I won’t eat junk food anymore. I want to have a healthier lifestyle. I will eat food which is low in fat but high in fibre and exercise in the gym whenever I have spare time.

Simon: Good idea! But the fact is, most of the students do not notice the disadvantages of eating fast food and still continue their unhealthy lifestyle. Can’t you see how serious the problem is?

Simon + Dylan: So, if you want to have a healthier lifestyle and better academic results, please stay away from junk food. -END-

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