1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

19 June 2013

A Drama Script – The Last Supper (2B Tang Sin Tung, Sandy)

Title: The Last Supper

List of characters: Jesus, Judas, Iscariot, James, 10 disciples

Setting: A house in Jerusalem,
             A few days before the Feast of Passover,
             In the evening
Act 1: Scene 2

All disciples:
Judas Iscariot:
Jesus sits down again at the table. The disciples watch him quietly and attentively. They can see something is wrong with Jesus. He looks very sad because he knows he won’t be with them much longer. He will die on a cross soon.
(Very sad)(Preparing say to the disciples) I am sad because one of you will betray me.
(Horrified)(Looking at each other and wonder who will be)
(Look at Jesus)(Ask politely) Which one of us, Lord?
It is the one I give this bread to. (Taking a bread from the basket and break off it. Dip it in a dish and hand it to Judas Iscariot.)
Do what you have to do!
(Ashamed)(Afraid to look at Jesus)I am sorry but I have to do that.
Please forgive me, Lord. (Get up from the table and slip quickly out of the room into night)
All disciples:
(Looking of the remaining disciples) I don’t want anyone of you betrays me again. Father loves us so much and gives us peace, hope and everything in this world. He’ll be sad if we don’t believe him.
(Hodding their head)(Saying to Jesus) Yes, we know that.
We’ll follow you and Father forever until the end of our lives.
(Picking up a loaf of bread)(Close his eyes) Father, thank you for giving us a nice day that we can be together here to have a supper. Please give all of us the strength after having it so that we can serve others as we serve you. Amen! (Open his eyes)(Breaking up the bread)(Pass the pieces to the disciples.) Eat this bread which is my body and remember me.
Jesus picks up a cup of wine and gives thanks to God like what he did before. He passes it to the disciples.
This is my blood which I give for many people. Drink it and remember me.
When the supper is over, Jesus and the disciples sing a hymn. The disciples are worried and curious why Jesus did so many things for a supper. So James asks Jesus a question.
Lord, please answer me a question. (Politely) Why did you do so many things for us tonight? What happened to you?
I will die soon. This is the last supper with all of you here. Don’t worry! Father will lead us even though there is a big trouble in front of us. We needn’t do anything but believe him.
Although all the disciples are worried about Jesus, they can’t do anything to help him. The only thing they can do is to follow him.
End of Scene 2

4 June 2013

A letter to my friend (2D Leung Yee Ching, Melody)

Dear Chris,

How are you? Are you busy these days? I miss you so much.

Let me tell you something about my school picnic. The school picnic is going to be held next Monday. You may think that I should be very excited, but I feel worried about this. It’s because the students who are responsible to organize the school picnic had an argument. They just keep arguing with the other members so they can’t discuss the picnic! I have tried to give some advice to them. However, they don’t listen to me. When is your school picnic? Are you going to join it?

I think I should tell you some good news now. I know you’re crazy about Beijing. The Beijing opera is going to be held in March in Hong Kong! You will return to Hong Kong in March so we can watch it together! The name of the opera is “Empress Dowager Cixi and Princess Deling”. It’s written by He Jiping and directed by your favourtie director, Fredric Mao! The story talks about Princess Deling who meets the Empress on day. Then she describes the West and becomes the Empress’ translator. It’ll be acted by Lao dan who sings in shrill and nasal voices. It’s cheap and I will go and enjoy it with you!

In addition, we may go to the Ocean Park while you’re in Hong Kong. It will be fun if we go there to play. We can also visit some museums. There will be so many things to do with you. I’m sure that we’ll have a good time!

Remember to write to me.

Best wishes,