1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

9 December 2013

Enrolment List - Struggle for Survival Simulation (20 Dec 2013)

The following students have been selected to join our school's off-campus English Activity (Struggle for Survival Simulation) (20 Dec 2013):

1A 8 Ma Tin Yi
1A 13 Wong Hei Lam 
1A 26 Menor Edrlk Tan Valpez
1C 27 Li Chun Yin
1C 3 CHEUNG Sum In 
1C 32 Ying Lok Hang
1C 5 Chiang Ching Laam
1C 31 Tsang Lok Him
1C 23 Lam Ho Yin
1C 2 Cheung Hei Tung
2B 23 Cheung Kwan Yeung
2C 14 Ng Sin Yee
3C 28 Lo Tsz Yin
4B 17 Yeung Hoi Ting
4E 10 Lai Ka Yin
5A 38 Yuen Chun Wing

5 December 2013


Interviewee: Uncle Fatty
Interviewer: Ms Ma
Topic: English Jokes
Joke #1 Bi-lingual dog

A firm posted an ad on its office window for recruiting a clerk. Successful candidate must possess following skills:

1)     use Microsoft Words with a typing speed of not less than 60 wpm

2)     use Microsoft Excels to make charts

3)     speaks at least two languages.

The ad was up for more than 2 weeks but no one ever applied for the job. One day, a dog walked up to the reception and barked at the ad for a very long time. The receptionist after several attempts failed to hush the dog, asked if the dog want to apply for the job. The dog nodded.

She took the dog to the manager who was amused and decided to let the dog try. Amazingly, the dog typed out a full page document with Microsoft Words in less than 5 minutes, and error-free. Then completed a chart with colourful graphic illustration on the Microsoft Excels.

'That's really impressive,' the manager said, ' But can you speak two kinds of languages.'

The dog said,' meow, meow'
What is the joke about: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Write at least 30 words)

Joke #2 Sherlock Holmes went camping
Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson went camping one weekend.
They set up their tent, had a dinner, chatted over a nightcap, and then decided it was time to retire.

About midnight, Sherlock woke Dr. Watson up and asked, 'Watson, look up and what do you see?'

Dr. Watson, annoyed to be waken up at the middle of the night, but thought his detective friend must have found something unusual. So he looked up at the clear sky. ' Holmes, do you want me to make a forecast of the weather tomorrow? Judging by the heights of the cloud, I think tomorrow ....'

'No, no, look again.' Holmes didn't let Watson finish.

Watson being a very well educated man besides his medical training, said,' I see, you want to  talk about astrology. The stars ....'

'No, No, Watson, you really have to look hard and think.' Holmes interrupted again.

'Ah, I get you. Since when are you interested in Cosmology? Well, the universe ....'

Before Watson could go on, Holmes shouted, 'You fool, after looking up at the sky for so long, don't you notice that our tent has been stolen!'

What is the joke about: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Write at least 30 words)

** Submit to Ms Ma/ Mr Wong Chi-Kit now to get a prize!

(Deadline: 11 Nov 2013)

4 December 2013

Compensated Dating

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my views regarding the problems of compensated dating. According to the survey conducted by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, compensated dating has become more widespread in Hong Kong. Recently girls are finding new ways to find clients including through online games. It deteriorates the problem critically. In this letter, I will suggest several contributing factors leading to this problem, followed by suggesting solutions in accordance to the problem.

In my view, one main reason for the emergence of compensated dating is the rewards for their companionship. Teenage girls have no financial income generally, except their pocket money from their parents. However, due to the mass media, their desires become more luxurious and beyond their ability to pay. In an attempt to get what they want, they choose to make money at the expense of their moral and body. The girls who participate in compensated dating can earn about HK$1,000 for each date which usually last two hours, said by Ah Yan, a girl having the experience.

In an effort to tackle the problem of compensated dating, I think the school should place more emphasis on educating the teenage girls about the citizenship and the morality. Schools should not only focus on the academic results of the students, but also cultivate their moralities and enhance their self-esteem. Also, the schools should train the analytic skills of the students to think properly under the influences of the mass media, preventing them from being materialistic. If it works, teenage girls will not earn money by using their body, contrarily they will respect themselves more and have a proper thought on their lives.

The other contributing factor to the emergence of compensated dating is the misconception about the compensated dating. The young women believe that compensated dating differs from sex work because they have a choice of clients. They think that they can judge the patrons merely by their appearance and brief conversations on the platforms. And the girls also think that compensated dating is legal in Hong Kong.

Actually, in compensated dating, more often than not, sex is involved, making this to be another word for prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in Hong Kong and some existing laws can be applied to charge compensated dating, including “Soliciting for any immoral purpose.” Lam, from sex workers’ concern group, warns that it is dangerous to judge patrons merely by their appearance and there is nothing to protect them from violence. To rectify the misconceptions, the government should strengthen the promotion and hold more talks about the concert ideas of compensated dating.

In conclusion, to tackle the problem of compensated dating, there is no other option but to educate the younger and enhance the promotion. We hope there will be no more girls involved in compensated dating and those involved can get back on the right track.

Yours faithfully,

Pat Chan