1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

28 May 2012

Is fashion a waste of time and money? (3A Wong Yiu Man, Yonnie)

        Many teenage girls like reading fashion magazines. They read fashion magazines because they want to have a fashionable look. However, some people think fashion is not important, they think fashion is just a waste of time and money. Fashion can be essential to us given the reasons below.

        First of all, fashion is important because it makes us look chic and stylish. When we are wearing trendy, edgy clothes, we will look smart naturally. When you look at the mirror and see your beautiful looks, you will feel confident and happy all day. On the contrary, if you wear dirty clothes and look at the mirror, you would feel bad because you are not satisfied with your looks. Consequently, fashion is very important and it can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem.

        Secondly, cheap clothes can make a nice style too. Many people have a wrong sense that only popular fashion brands, such as Prada, Gucci and so forth can make a person looks fashionable. Actually cheap clothes can make us look stylish as long as we follow the trend. For example, it is not difficult to find vintage, flowery items in some local boutiques. The items they sold are certainly affordable for many shoppers. Therefore, following the fashion trend is not necessarily a waste of time and money.

        We can also be stylish by doing mix and match. That means using just a few different accessories can make you look different. You just need to buy some versatile items then you can give yourself a fresh look in just a minute. So, we can make ourselves trendy without wasting too much time.

        In a nutshell, fashion is important because it can bring us confidence .Also, cheap clothes can be trendy. The most important thing is – you don’t need to waste time and money to buy so many cheap items. As long As you know the technique of ‘mix & match’, you can make yourself chic and smart every day.

24 May 2012

Be an honest Makopanian

Good morning everybody! Today is the beginning of the learning period of honesty. It’s my pleasure to talk about this topic. The third president of the United States Thomas Jefferson said that ‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.’ And William Shakespeare says, ‘Honesty is the best policy. If you lose your honor, you lose your life’. What is honesty or being honest and how important is it? According to the Longman Dictionary, someone with an honest character always tells the truth and does not cheat or steal. When he speaks, he does not hide the truth or facts about something. He speaks what he really thinks. Perhaps let me tell you two stores to illustrate the importance of honesty.
Firstly let’s look at the American marathon runner, Rosie Ruiz . She was not famous and it was her first time to take part in this well-known Marathon held in Boston in 1980. Rosie Ruiz, whose legs were flabby, was the first woman runner to cross the finish line in the Boston Marathon. Her victory was stunning as nobody seemed to know her and see her on the way. It was incredible ! Eventually , the truth came to light. It was reported that she was seen jump into the race during its final half-mile. Apparently, she cheated by simply sprinting to the finish line without running the entire race. Yet, the sad thing is she did not admit her wrongdoing. She not only lied to others but also to herself. Her dishonesty spoiled the meaning of sport and the spirit of Marathon. Her integrity was at stake.

Another sad story happened in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. A student in my class did not like studying and once he played truant, giving me an excuse that he had to rush to China for an urgent family affair. When asked to produce the travel document, he altered the date printed in his Home Return Permit in order to go unpunished. His lie had nearly led him to a criminal offence had the school not spared him.

A few years after he left school, he would like to join the Police Force of Hong Kong. Yet, sadly, because of his dishonest record in the school, he was disqualified from the application. His dream was never fulfilled. What a shame! Dear students, if you decide not to be honest, think of the consequences. They can be disasters like the Rosie Ruiz scandal and my student’s trouble. Furthermore, look at the people around us and in the society. It’s not uncommon to see dishonesty bring destructions to family, relationships, business and career prospect.

Very often, we are tempted to tell lies or do things not following the rules so that we can avoid trouble or gain personal benefits.  Human values are ever changing, but God’s word never changes. In the Bible, He reminds us that we must be honest and faithful. As a result we gain love both from man and God. Are these your concerns which stop you from being an honest student?

My friends are doing something bad. If I point out their wrongdoings or report them to the teacher, they might stop being friends with me. I am a subject monitor or monitress or academic ambassador, I struggle whether or not I should circle my best friend who fails to hand in his homework
You are worried about losing friendship or acts of revenge . God understands our weaknesses. He taught us in Prov 24:26, ‘ An honest answer is the sign of true friendship.’ You will win your friend’s heart and respect if you tell the truth with love. God promised that he would protect and help us. ‘For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.’ (2 Chronicles 16:9).  He also taught us the right things to do. ‘These are the things you are to do; speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts.’ (Zechariah 8:16). Remember to have His blessings which are much better than those short-term benefits of the world as God also promised us in Proverbs 28:20 ‘A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.’

You might ask me a question: what should I do in my daily life to be an honest Makopanion? Here is a checklist for you to observe.

You are being honest when you ...
  • Do your own homework
  • Tell a friend the truth
  • Explain the real reason you didn't turn in your homework
  • Keep your eyes on your own test/exam paper
  • Give the cashier the extra money she gave you by mistake
  • Write a report /project in your own words instead of copying
  • Admit you made the mistake and say ‘sorry’
  • Keep a friend's secret
  • Perform your duty wholeheartedly
·         Turn in a wallet full of money that you found 

This list can be endless and inexhaustive. It’s best for us to turn to our Lord for His guidance. In Philippians 4:8, He says:

‘Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.’
God’s standard is high and being honest at all times seems impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible. Just pray and pray for His wisdom and strength to walk with you day by day, and you will be abundantly blessed.

23 May 2012

The Secret Garden (4B Lee Wing Chak)

           I was there in a misery. I lost my way. No one knows where there was.
           The deep mid-night concealed most part of the mysterious moon. It was hiding. It was smiling. It lit the trees on the side and the grasses on the floor. I was walking on a path, wandering, with an unknown destination.

           Time seemed like a frozen river, never ever passed. I had reached a secret garden, deep beyond the dark.
           A blaze shone in front of me. More and more blazes shone. They came from the pistils of flowers, they flew like butterflies, they flew like lighting bugs. They twisted together and fleeeee ―― They exposed, as bright as fireworks.

          There were fluorescent flowers with a captivating purple, and wonderful spots on them. The flowers are ladies, standing in front of me, moving their bodies, attracting me to see. It has an unutterable, unique fragrance.

           I came near and touched on them. The miraculous journey began.
           My memories floated, a windstorm attacked my mind.

           “I love you.”

           “I hate you.”

           “This is war. Kill him!”

           “You will pay!”

           “Why are you being so ruthless, merciless?”

           “You don’t understand me!”

           What I had said, what I have heard, appeared once again.

           “God, help me! I am a bandit!”

           “What makes you hide yourself behind an evil?”

           I fell, I struggled. I mourned.

           “I believe this is the right decision.”

           “Never give up hope, my friend”

           “Son, never lose your faith.”

           “My love one, I am sure you know what is LOVE, even…”

           “kill her, kill her.”

           “You never understand me!”

           “I was wrong.”

           “What do I have, through the years, what is my purpose of life.”

           The blazes shown again, much more than the last time, the trees are monster, with terrible shadows. The moon has sunk the blazes become increasingly bright and glorious. They surrounded me. We became one source of light. I was inside of it. It was the first colour of flame. Then gold, then pale blue like the sky, then bright white, brighter than ever, purer than ever.
           “Come back to me, my dear son!” Spoken by the light.

           It was daytime! Sunlight soaked through the garden. All things were bright and beautiful, as wonderful as ever. The garden was living, with real butterfly flying. Birds were singing to me.

           I walked along the path I had come, it then disappeared. I could not find the way back to the garden, my secret garden.

            “Welcome back, sweetheart!” I was at my home with my family, how blissful am I!

           My secret garden, where I lost, where I was found.

15 May 2012

Newspaper Reading Report (4C Hannah Lam)

Two women, with different talents, died last week.
Date: 15/2/2012
Source: Standard Net

Two women with different talents died last week. They are Whitney Houston and Jill Kinmont Boothe. Whitney Houston is remembered as one of the best female singers in history. Her songs were wonderful and attractive. She won so many competitions.

She provided the inspiration for the 1988 summer Olympics with the song,
One moment in timeThis song was very familiar to everyone. She had a good voice that captured people’s heart.

Unfortunately, she died because her choices had gone a different direction and she questioned her marriage to Bobby Brown, and her subsequent pattern of drug addiction.

In contrast to Whitney’s glamorous success, Jill Kinmont Boothe ended up with a lifelong disability. She is the victim of a near-fatal skiing accident in 1955.

However, she did not give up herself. Instead, she tried hard to fight for the right of becoming a teacher. She got her degree and taught for many years. She was a good teacher that usually with students who needed remedial instructions. She also excelled at using her shoulder and neck muscles to paint. Every student loved her. As a paraplegic for 19 years, with many discomfort days, she chose to emphasize the positive.


I think these two women are truly different. Houston was a good singer and she won a lot of competitions. She had a bravo voice which could sing many beautiful songs. But unluckily, she walked a wrong way which led her to destruction. I think it is not so important to be famous in everyone’s heart. The most important thing is we must treasure our lives which nothing can buy even though Houston had so much money. Taking drugs and failed marriage led her to collapse. There is no chance for her to stand on the stage again.

On the other hand,I really admire Boothe. She never gave up despite her disability. She did not have a complete body, but she has a complete heart which cannot be found in Houston. Boothe chose to face the challenges. She was optimistic and positive. She said,
My life has really been very full. She treasured her life, which was a life of quality with lots of wonderful experiences.

God gave different talents to all Makopanians. Everyone can have a fruitful life like Boothe. We do not need to admire others because everyone is different. You can choose a good way and you will see the rainbow of your life.

8 May 2012

3D (19) Tsoi Kwun Wing

In the Middle Age, there was a little, weak girl named Violet. She was born in an extremely impoverished family. She lived in a crowded, small and chaotic house with her father and elder sister. Actually, her childhood wasn’t pleasant. Her mother died when Violet was five. After this event, her father became intemperate. He always mistreated Violet and her sister, Kathy after drinking wine. The siblings hated her father a lot. They decided to leave this fearful man.

Violet was nine and Kathy was sixteen. They ran away from their home silently one day. And they left successfully. ‘Sis, what should we go now?’ asked Violet. ‘I have no idea,’ Kathy replied sullenly, ‘maybe go to the town and find some jobs first.’ Then they went to the town.

They passed a forest, passed a lake, passed a grassland and passed a hill, but they still hadn’t arrived a town. ‘Please … please give me some food … I’m starving …’ abruptly the siblings heard a voice. Violet went on and saw a woman sitting near a tree. ‘She seems to be very hungry,’ Violet said to Kathy with a low voice. ‘It’s none of our business, Violet!’ Kathy roared, ‘let’s continue our journey.’ Violet ignored her order. She took out one piece of bread and gave the woman with a smiling face. The woman stared at Violet. Thank you! My dear caring little girl! You have saved my life!’ The woman felt grateful.

‘You stupid girl ……’ Kathy shouted, ‘We only have two pieces of bread!’ Violet shook her head. ‘I won’t eat the only bread which belongs to you, sister,’ Violet said.

They walked and walked. The sunset ended. ‘It is very dark!’ Kathy stunned. ‘Where can we go now?’ Violet asked. Suddenly it started to rain.

‘Sister, there is not any place for us to hide in this forest!’ Violet said anxiously.

Suddenly, they saw a light. A beautiful woman was sparkling.

‘I’m Sally the fairy. Actually the woman you saw this morning is my pretence. I’m going to reward you three wishes. Say your wish now!’ the fairy said. The siblings were astonished. ‘What? Is it true? A fairy?’ Kathy doubted, but she tried it. ‘I want a wealthy and healthy life forever! Can you?’ Kathy asked carefully. ‘No problem! It’s easy!’ Sally the fairy then made a magic.


‘Where are we?’ Violet was thinking.

They were in a big, big house with valuable furniture and a lot of servants!!! ‘Wow! It’s true! I’m not dreaming!’ Kathy shouted excitedly. ‘Violet! Take off these disgusting shoes! I’m going to dress a beautiful dress!’ Kathy threw out the shoes and went in the bedroom.

‘So … how about the second wish?’ The fairy asked Violet. Meanwhile, Kathy ran out at once and said, ‘I want to meet the most handsome prince in this country, and dance with him! It is impossible, isn’t it?’ Kathy laughed. ‘No problem!’ Sally the fairy made a magic again.

Kathy’s dream came true.

‘And, how about the final wish?’ the fairy asked.

‘I want ……’ Kathy said excitedly. ‘Sister!’ Violet claimed, ‘I have not made any wish yet!’ ‘Who cares?’

Kathy yawned, ‘You are my sister! I’m older than you. You have no wish! They are mine!’ Kathy pointed at her nose and said.

‘I want to become the princess!’ Kathy said.

‘No way! I won’t make it come true! And I’m going to take away the wishes you made. You are greedy and selfish!’ the fairy shouted.

Abruptly, all the wealthy things, the big house disappeared.

‘Violet, now I give you three wishes, only for you!’ The fairy said.

‘Dear Sally, I just want ONE wish,’ Violet replied, ‘I want my mother back. I want to live with her peacefully. No nervousness and worries forever.’

‘But … your mother was dead ……’ the fairy said.

‘I had no time to love her before. I want to love her forever and it is my responsibility to love her ……’ Violet cried.

Violet touched Sally. ‘OK! No problem!’ The fairy smiled. Sally the fairy went to find God immediately and told God this story.

‘OK. Let it come true!’ God allowed Violet’s mother to live again. He was touched too.

Finally, Violet saw her mother again. They lived in a normal house peacefully and warmly.