1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

28 March 2012

Buying or Adopting Pets without consideration --- No way!! (5A Fiona Leung)

Many people love pets, especially at the time when they are still puppies or kitten, since they are very charming. People may buy one by themselves or some may think about giving them to others as gifts with no concern about the consequences seriously before taking action.

Pets may only be kept for a short period of time and abandoned in the end for having grown up and losing the lovely outfit. Some of them become too big that the owners do not have enough space to keep them home. Some of them may not be able to support them financially in particular for the medical fee or for some other reasons. They become strayed. To avoid these from happening, pet owners should know clearly what will happen if they choose to have a pet no matter by adoption or purchase.

First of all, to make sure you are giving the gift to the right person, you need to ask the one if s/he loves pets. If they do not love so, how would they suppose to take care of pets for a life-time! Analyzing with them the potential problems of keeping pets is essential before making your final decision. Financial support, time spent on them, provision of a spacious environment and being patience when they give you lots of trouble are all of your concern.

Financial capability is the most significant one among these. The owners need to spend a considerable sum of money on buying food, daily products and toys for pets. They need to take pets to vet when they are sick in which the medical expenses can be very great. At this time, the owners need to take intensive care of them. They are not recommended to keep one if they cannot promise to do so.

On the other hand, different types of pets demand differently the space they need. For big dogs like German Shepherds, they have to be walked every day. They need daily exercise to keep themselves healthy. It is time-consuming yet it seems to be a routine work. Pet owners also need to clean up the drop-off of the pets. It is a disgusting duty though. When you are planning to adopt or buy a pet, you must be prepared to carry out these basic duties.

In conclusion, do think twice before having pets, regardless the way you own them, gifts from friends, buying from pet shops or adopting from charity pet organizations, because keeping pets is always a hard job. If people think thoroughly beforehand, there will be no more abandoned pets in the streets.

20 March 2012

My Ideal Job (5C Yam Hoi Ching)

If you ask me, “What is your ideal job?”, I will definitely say that “A tour guide!”. “A tour guide? It is quite a low-income and exhausting career.”

Many people’s ideal jobs are those which can get high income, comfortable working environment such as CEO, managers of company, clerks etc. But for me, I think my interest and enjoyment are much more important than money and comfortable working condition. So I choose tour guide to be my ideal job.

The main duty of tour guides is to make arrangement of air-ticket, arrange the itinerary for the tourists, book hotel for them and book restaurant for their meals. In addition, we need to follow the tourists and satisfied their needs and their wants. The duty of tour guide is important in a trip. It is affecting the whole journey of the tourists. I think I can handle these jobs well.

But why would I like to be a tour guide? It is because of my personality and my dream. Firstly, I am an outgoing, talkative and independent person. Indoor works and activities are not suitable for me. I think it is quite boring actually. As I am talkative, I am fond of chatting with people continuously. For a tour guide, I can talk to the tourists, so I won’t suffer from boredom. Also, I am independent, so I don’t need to be taken care by the others. I can handle everything well.

Secondly, my dream is to travel all around the world. If I am a tour guide, I could be able to travel all around the world free of charge, and with payment back. It sounds attractive.

The country I want to visit the most is Australia. There are some animal species that are unique in their country, such as koala and kangaroo. Also, I want to visit Sydney Opera House. It is exceedingly beautiful when I first saw it in postcard.

Another country I want to visit is Thailand. It is famous for its spicy food and beautiful scenery. The beach and sunshine are what I value most. There are many islands in Thailand. So, I can do my favourite sports like swimming there.

Finally, I can speak different language fluently. And this helped me communicate with the local people in different countries. I can speak Chinese, English, Putonghua, Japanese, Spanish etc. And these criteria allow me to go to different country and chat with local people.

After my explanation, don’t you think that being a tour guide is an ideal job? Do you want to be a tour guide too?

5 March 2012

An email of advice

Dear Molly,

Thanks for your letter. I am sorry to hear about your news. I know that you’re still unemployed, don’t be upset. I have some suggestions for you. The suggestions can help you increase the chances of finding work.

There are three suggestions to you. The first one is joining more voluntary work. I know you have no experience in working, but many companies in Hong Kong always hire people who have experience in working, so it would be better to join some voluntary work. You can join the work with your partner and try to experience what working is. After finishing the first job, you may know more about what working is about and prepare yourself to work in the future.

The second suggestion is that you should join more different workshops to learn more skills. You can join some workshops like computer workshop. I know you want to find a job which works in office, so I think you can join a computer workshop to improve your computer skills. Also, while you join the workshop, you can also improve your interpersonal skills, because you will have the chance to work with others.

The last suggestion is that you may improve your CV. You can join some workshops and more voluntary work to improve your qualifications. Your CV should be well-organized because the employer would see your CV to decide whether you are employed or not. So, I would like to suggest you to check your CV again.

I hope these suggestions can really help you. Don’t be disappointed and never give up, my friend. I will always stand by you. Please let be know how your employment goes.

Best wishes,