1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

27 June 2012

The following ten students have been selected to join the English workshop (Karaoke Drama, Poetry, Songs with Live) organised by SCOLAR on 6 July:
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26 June 2012

Complaint Letter (2E Hazel Wong Hoi Che)

Hazel Wong
5A, Block 1,
Tuen Mun Garden

29th March, 2012

The Director
Leisure and cultural Services Department
Leisure and cultural Services Headquarters,
1-3 Pai Tau Street
Sha Tin

Dear Sir/Madam,

       I would like to voice my anger at the poor local park facilities. The facilities are just so poor and the park so dirty that no children want to play there.

      One day, when I went back home, I saw that the local park has a swing set with broken chains, basketball hoops without nets and rubbish bins that are always full. The local park was very terrible that I hadn’t seen before. I felt so concerned about it. The damaged facilities may hurt some children while they are playing. It will make people annoyed about it.

  When I saw the rubbish bins, I wanted to go away as fast as possible. I thought they were very dirty and made me uncomfortable. The park was very colourful and peaceful last year. Many children played there happily but nowadays there wasn’t happiness anymore.

      I hope the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will take action on this case. You can call me at 91234567 if you need to know further information of this case. Please follow this case immediately so that we can play in the park happily again.

      I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Yours faithfully,

Hazel wong
Hazel Wong 

22 June 2012

Knowledge Builds You A Better Future (4A Carmen)

Nowadays, most of the people may think that being beautiful or handsome is more important than being knowledgeable. Some teenagers may even choose to focus on how they look instead of their studies. They think that knowledge is not too important. But I don’t agree that being beautiful is more important than being knowledgeable.

First of all, knowledge is fundamental to build you a better future. As you can see that Hong Kong is developing under a knowledge-based economy. Not only Hong Kong, most of the developed places are the same as Hong Kong. That means if you want to have a better job and earn more money in the future, you should learn more to build up your knowledge. This is because knowledgeable people are those the companies like. On the other hand, if you are beautiful but without enough knowledge, the companies may not hire you since you are lack of knowledge. None of the companies would like to hire someone who cannot help to earn money. They would not think of your beauty because beauty helps nothing. So, being knowledgeable can help you to find a better job, and also earn more money to improve your life quality in the future.

Secondly, knowledge is crucial that it can help you know how to solve problems by yourself independently. In the school, besides learning knowledge through books, we can also learn other useful techniques, like solving problems and taking care of yourself. These skills are extremely important for your everyday lives. As you grow up, there are many things for you to face to. If you have any difficulties, you still have the knowledge and know how to solve the problems independently. For example, if you don’t know how to do your homework, you can still know how to use the Internet and find some useful information on your own. But if you are beautiful without enough knowledge, you will be confused when you have any difficulties. That’s why knowledge is crucial for you to know how to solve difficulties on your own independently.

At last, knowledge is vital for us because it can be useful forever. Somebody may think that if she is beautiful, everyone will love her and she can also be a pop star in the future. But you cannot keep your beauty forever. As you grow older, you will not be as beautiful as before. Maybe a person who looks beautiful will have lots of friends. But if you grow up, or maybe you have an accident and ends up with a scar on you face, people may choose to stay away from you since you do not look beautiful anymore. On the other side, knowledge lasts forever. If you have knowledge, people will like you because they can seek help from you. Then, your relationship will not be easily ruined. Besides your relationship, you can also have a better future too. So knowledge is vital for us as it can be useful forever.

There are lots of advantages when you have knowledge instead of beauty. Knowledge is fundamental since it can build you a better future, teach you how to solve your problems independently, and also it can be useful for you forever. There is no deny that being knowledgeable is more important than being beautiful.

20 June 2012

An angel puppy (3B Lilian Tsang)

Brian lost his wife in a car accident. He was hopeless and moved to a small house in Japan where he and his wife encountered. Soon after he settled down in his new house, he found a tiny furry animal sleeping in his bed one night. It was a puppy with white and brown fur. It woke up and looked at Brian right into his eyes as if it understood Brian’s sorrow. The next morning, Brian fed the puppy with some milk and meat. He gave it the name ‘Angel’ because it was like a little angel from heaven who came down to comfort him.

Every day when Brian came home from work, Angel would see him from far away at the hillside and ran down to greet him. It then followed Brian everywhere he went. The winter sun was warm and the sky was bright. It was just as warm as the days that his wife presented. Brian always sat outside of his house and read. Angel liked to lie with its belly up on the ground, tossing and turning at this time because it wanted Brian to scratch its belly. Brian would then scratch its furry white belly with his left foot. He swore he could see Angel laughing.

Angel seemed to understand Brian well. When he was in a good mood, Angel would act cheerfully and playfully. However, when Brian had a bad day, the puppy would just sit by him quietly without making a noise. Sometimes Brian would talk to Angel about his wife. The puppy would sit there looking up at Brian’s eyes as if it was listening.
One night there was a fierce thunderstorm. Brian couldn’t sleep and thought about his wife. He realized that Angel helped him ease his pain. He got up and looked for Angel to see if it was all right. But Angel was nowhere to be found. The next morning when Brian didn’t see Angel sleeping by his pillow, he knew that it was gone forever. Perhaps Angel finished its duty to help a lost man and it was on its way to help someone else.
4A Chan Chun Yin

15 June 2012

Lingnan University's English and Putonghua Immersion Camp (Who am I?)

The following two students have been selected to join the English and Putonghua Immersion Camp (Who am I?) organised by the Lingnan University:

4 June 2012

My favourite restaurant (2F Tsang Tsz Ching )

Dear Mr. Weakley, I want to tell you about my favourite restaurant.

I always go there with my parents. I like going there very much. It’s called Shang Hai Po Po and it has Chinese food. I go there only for special occasions like birthdays or festival days because the restaurant’s food is so expensive!

This restaurant is a type of Chinese restaurant. It already shows what dishes serve us, Shanghai food. The area is quite big. The environment is clean and tidy. It also comforts me by its graceful odour and smell. It makes me wake up from daydreaming.

The food in there is delicious and juicy. There are various kinds of Shanghai food. For example, fried fish, “xiao long bao’, steam pork, grilled chicken wings, dim sum and so on. I especially like “xian long bao” because we can even drink the soup inside. Also, it is the traditional food in Shanghai. I love beef noodles very much. Its soup is very spicy. The noodles are long and chewy. It tastes wonderful.

The drinks are also unique. The best is some ginger-lemon-coca-cola. It is so great! It tastes sweet and spicy. It can make me feel attracted and attentive to my working.

The service in this restaurant is also bravo and excellent. The waiter asks us “What do you want” actively and politely. Also, when we pay our bill, they say “thank you” and “welcome to come back” in a friendly way. They make me enjoy their active, nice attitude towards customers.

Because of its great dishes, special drinks and polite service, I like this restaurant very much.

When my birthday comes, I will ask my parents “Can we go to Shanghai Po Po?”