1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

19 March 2013

Drama Script Scene 3 (4B Chan Sau Yuen, Bernie)

Narrator: After Jonathan knew that his idea had been stolen by others, he felt helpless and decided to talk with his teacher Ms. Chan outside the staff room.
Jonathan: Excuse me, Ms. Chan. Can I talk to you for a bit of time?

Ms. Chan: Sure! Is there any problem?

Jonathan: I want to talk about the Student Fashion Design Competition.

Ms. Chan: (excited) Oh! I have seen your designs, it is very great! I like it so much!

Jonathan: (secretly) But… I … doubt…

Ms. Chan: What do you doubt?

Jonathan: I doubt someone has stolen my ideas!

Ms. Chan: (loudly) What? (confounded)

         (quietly) Are you serious?

Jonathan: I am not sure about that, but the works are very similar.

Ms. Chan: Whose work is similar to yours?

Jonathan: He is also our school’s student, he is from our school, Mickey Cheung.

Ms. Chan: Are you sure? He is my student. He is a kind student in my eye. Will he do this kind of things? …… I can’t believe that! Let us go to the computer room and check.

(In Computer Room)

Jonathan: (Typing) Ms. Chan, if it is real, what will you do to him?

Ms. Chan: (do not want to answer Jonathan’s question) Hey, do you think you will get the award?

Jonathan: Ms. Chan, answer my question please!

Ms. Chan: (take a deep breath) (think 2-3 seconds) He will be disqualified.

Jonathan: I do not want this thing to happen, but…… this work is my design, I have put a lot of hope in this competition, and I do not want to lose it.

Ms. Chan: I get it, I get it! I will check out the problem.

Narrator: 2 days later, Jonathan finds Ms. Chan again and asks the problem goes.

Jonathan: Ms. Chan, how is the problem?

Ms. Chan: I have asked the teacher in-charge – Ms. Ma. She said that the problem is serious. She needs to check what has happened. All of us do not want anyone to be disqualified.

Narrator: After 3 days, Ms. Chan finds Jonathan again.

Ms. Chan: Jonathan, Mickey has forfeited the competition entry. Ms. Ma said that when she asked Mickey why this situation happened, then Mickey cried and said sorry repeatedly. Mickey said that he wants money to buy an i-phone, so he wanted to win.

Jonathan: (haughty) It proved that my work is the chosen one! (laugh)

Ms. Chan: Anyway, the problem has ended. Hope you can win the competition.

End of Scene 3


11 March 2013

Can students bring MP3 players to school? (4D Wong Kui Fung)

My school authority has recently banned students from bringing MP3 players to school by some reasons.  In my opinion, I hardly agree to ban students from bringing MP3 players to school.

First of all, students have a lot of pressure from their study especially before the examination.  They may feel relaxed by using MP3 when they are exhausted in lessons.  They may not be able to pay attention in class when they are exhausted.  Teachers should give a break to students.  At this moment, listening to music can help students calm themselves down emotionally.  According to a university report, listening to music can make students relieve pressure.

On the other hand, students can strengthen their friendship when they share different types of music to each other.  The teachers and students can also get closer.  My best friend, Peter, who is studying in a famous school, can bring MP3 players to school.  He told me that he loves his school because he can have freedom to listen to his favorite music when he is tired.

Monitoring students in bringing MP3 is actually easy since it offers the function of playing music only.  Therefore, lessons will not be affected by MP3 in other means.  They understand that teachers have no responsibility if any MP3 is missed.  In short, the school authority should not ban students from bringing MP3 to school.

5 March 2013

Dress Casual Day on Fridays (4B Mak Pui Hang, Jody)

        Our school has recently proposed making every Friday dress casual day. This means students can wear whatever clothes to the campus on Fridays. Most of our students welcome this policy and are looking forward to its implementation. However, I entirely disagree with it. There are strong grounds for my stance.
        First of all, the dress casual day may jeopardy the harmonious atmosphere on campus. It is common that teenagers like to follow fashion trends and students of our school are no exception. If our students are allowed to wear casual wear to school, they will tend to look at what their friends are dressed in and even discuss where they were bought and how much they cost. It will inevitably lead to comparison of their clothes, including design and prices. This can embarrass students whose clothes are in basic styles or cheap. When their friends’ words provoke their ill feeling, it can be harmful to their friendship.

         Another drawback of dress casual day can be a waste of students’ time and money. As teenagers are concerned about their appearances and do not want to be teased by their school friends because of their outfits, it can be unavoidable for them to spend time on matching their clothes or even spend money on buying fashionable clothes. As students do not have any income, they will buy clothes with their pocket money. If the clothes they want to buy are out of their budgets, they will ask their parents for money. This will worsen their parents’ financial burden because students of our school mainly come from working class families. While buying clothes costs money, matching and shopping for clothes are time consuming. However, students of our school lead busy lives because of heavy homework and frequent extra-curricular activities. How can they afford extra time making themselves look good in casual wear?

         The last concern is the impact on the image of our school. Our school is regarded as the best one among all the schools nearby. If we made a wrong decision, which is holding dress casual day on Fridays, could ruin our reputation. Some students like to stand out at school so they try to make themselves different from their school friends.

         This can be commonly seen on school picnic day, on which we can wear casual wear. Some of our school friends follow the fashion trend so closely that they wear jeans with holes on them or even hipsters to school. If they were allowed to wear casually once a week, we can predict what kinds of clothes they would be dressed in to school. This can leave residents nearby a bad impression of our school. 

        All in all, making every Friday dress casual day is not a good idea. It can be harmful to students’ relations and the reputation of our school. Students’ time and money will also be wasted. I hope our school can see the serious consequences of launching dress casual day on Fridays.