1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

22 October 2013

Enrolment List - Off-campus English Activity (AFS Intercultural Fair 2013) (9 Nov 2013)

The following students have been selected to join our school's off-campus English Activity (AFS Intercultural Fair 2013) on 9 Nov 2013:

Enrolment List (Updated on 22 Oct 2013)

1 4B 17 YEUNG Hoi Ting
2 4E 10 Lai Ka Yin 
3 1C 23 Lam Ho Yin
4 1C 16 Sse Wai Man, Sally
5 2C 14 Ng Sin Yee
6 1C 2 CHEUNG Hei Tung
7 1A 13 Wong Hei Lam
8 1A 10 Tsang Hin Yau
9 1A 17 Cheuk Yin
10 1A 12 Tsui Wing Tung
11 1A 7 Lam Ka Yee
12 2B 10 Lee Tsz Yan
13 2B 36 Leo Wong
14 1C 29 Lo Hoi Yui
15 1A 2 Chan Wing Yiu
16 2B 9 Lee Hiu Yan
17 1C 32 Ying Lok Hang


6C Eva Wong

Dear Jack,
How are you? Time files, we are secondary six students after this summer holiday and DSE is coming. I am really nervous about it. How about you? Do you still spend most of your time reading comics and watching cartoons? Honestly, I know you still spend most of your free time on your Facebook. I am really worried about your habit which will waste your money and time. As we know, lose time is never found again. I really want to discuss this problem with you in their email.

Spending most of your free time on watching cartoons and reading comics may adversely affect your academic result. We are going to be a secondary six student. As we both know, it will be the toughest and most important academic year. Teachers always told us that we need to do revision after the lesson to make sure we can remember all of the content that we learn. Obviously, comic books and cartoons cannot help you to get 5** in the public exam. Furthermore, I heard that your exam result in the second term of secondary five was really poor. I really worry about you. You were always the best student in your class, but now not only your core subjects fall behind, but also your elective subjects failed. The reason of that is very clear, you spend too less time on doing revision and study at home. It’s time for you to spend more time on your study from now on!

Moreover, spending a lot of time on reading comics and watching cartoon cannot teach you how to have a communication with others. I remember that you were a little shy boy when you were small. It’s not easy for you to make a new friend in primary school. But I know that you want to have a change in secondary school. You joined the basketball team, debate team and also the prefect team. How can you give up your great effort? I know that you were absent from the regular practice of those teams and you just go back home after school and read your comic books. You are now becoming the shy little boy again! You should go out and enjoy the fresh air!

Apart from spending much time on your comics and cartoons, have you ever thought that it is not so meaningful to put a lot of money on it? I think you should spend your money more appropriately. For example, you can save your money. When you need to buy some reference book for study, you can afford it. I bet that you can learn more from these books. Also I do not think that these figures you bought worthy. Be smart, Jack! You can do whatever you want when you grow up and get into society. But it is difficult to go back to the school days. I really hope that you can minimize the money that you spend on it. You should find something meaningful and spend you money more wisely.

Last but not least, I know this email may make you feel annoyed and depressed. But as your bosom friends, I really need to remind you of these problems. You have dozens of time when you grow up and you can enjoy what you want to do. Please remember that lost time is ever found again. So, seize the day and cheer up. Let’s work hard on DSE together. Work hard! Play hard!

Best wishes,


3 October 2013

Enrolment List - Drama Show at China Holiness Church Living Spirit College - "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat") (12 Oct 2013)

The following students have been selected to join our school's off-campus English Activity (Drama Show at China Holiness Church Living Spirit College - "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat") on 12 Oct 2013:

Enrolment List (Updated on 3 Oct 2013)

11A4CHOW Hiu Ying
22C14NG Sin Yee
31C3CHEUNG Sum In 
41C31TSANG Lok Him
51A27NG ka Leung
61C2CHEUNG Hei Tung
71C5CHIANG Ching Laam
82B10Lee Tsz Yan
91D31Yu Kei Lap
101C23LAM Ho Yin
111C7FUNG Hoi Ying
131D17CHAN Chak Lam
141A15WONG Yuen Kiu