1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

15 August 2012

Letter to a friend about a Christmas party at school (1C Au Yeung Kai Tik)

Dear Angie,

How are you? I’m fine. Hope you are having a relaxing holiday too! Merry Christmas!
I am so jealous of you! You had such a wonderful feast with your family! Also, you got a Gunalam model at your school X’mas party! Gunadam has become my favourite cartoon character since I was a child! I want to get it too!

Luckily, my christmas activities were as great as yours too! I think it was the most intersting Christmas ever! On 21st December, I had a Christmas party at school with my classmates. We had a finger food party first. My classmates brought so much finger food that we couldn’t finish them at all! For example, we had potato chips, cookies, cakes and others. I didn’t think it was worse than a banquet in an enormous and famous restaurant which we may get lost!

After having such a marvelbous finger food party, we packed up and prepared for our next acitivity. Can you guess what the next acitivity was? It was decorating our classroom! My classmate, John, suggested using recycled paper to decorate our classroom. Without any problem, everybody agreed. I think it was because our teacher Mr. Chan had told us we should protest the Earth. We folded some recycled paper into beautiful shapes such as flowers and trees. Also, we drew some “master pieces” on our blackboard. After finishing all the works, we were so tored that we looked like we hadn’t eaten food for three months! But when we were looking at our decorated classroom, we were so happy that we all jumped up and hugged together!

Since everyone was so tired, even Ken, who was always full of energy, was exhausted, we decided we should finish the finger food we left. Everyone dashed out and took the food fiercely, but then after they were full, they were friendly again! What a strange scene?

Next, we played games like pass-the-parcel and musical chairs. The most interesting thing was, when we were playing musical chairs, the fattest boy in our class Ken won easily. He just looked like a giant and then pushed away other classmates. The “victims” could be pushed for about three miles! It was impossible! Everybody was laughing when Ken started to “hurt” his classmates everytime. But then in the end, Ken got the chair easily and he sat on it excitedly. Suddenly, a sound “crack!” was heard, the chair was broken! Ken fell down and shouted “Ouch!” Everybody laughed loudly even the people in the USA could hear it.

I won’t foget the happy memories on 21st of December. I’m looking forward to having the party next year. Also, the new year is approahing! Happy New Year! I will wait for your letter next year!



14 August 2012

A Regrettable Event (S.2A Kelly Chan)

      I’m now living in prison and I’m very regretful.


One reason — I was a thief.
        Since I was young, I was a lonely girl. I didn’t have any friends, all people ran away from me. I was not happy every day.
        ‘Oh! A poor girl!’ my classmate said loudly.
        ‘Her uniform was very dirty …’ the other classmate laughed, pointing at me.

        I felt sad; I looked at my uniform and I really really wanted to buy a new one.

One day after school, I walked alone. I went through the streets. Suddenly, I noticed that the stationer was on sales and everything was half-priced.

 Wow I can’t believe my eyes! I knew that I should buy something cheap for my studies.

        Ding dong …’ I opened the door and I saw the shopkeeper sleeping.

 Hello? Can I take a look at those …’ I asked quietly.
         Can I take a look at those …’ I asked quietly again.

However, no one answered me and I only heard the shopkeeper snoring. She slept and slept, she didn’t know I was there!

At that moment, I suddenly had a heart of greed. I opened the drawer …
        ‘Wow, a lot of money there! I can buy a new uniform!’ I thought happily, looking at the money.
        Then, I looked around. The shopkeeper was still fast asleep.
        ‘Yes! No one here …’ I thought.
        I took out all the money in the drawer and walked lightly to the door.
        When I pushed the door open, suddenly, the shopkeeper woke up.

 ‘You! Poor girl! Stop there!’ the shopkeeper shouted angrily and loudly.
         I was very scared. I ran out fast, as fast as a deer running for its life. I was very scared.

 ‘Little girl, stop!’ two policemen shouted, running at me …
         Finally, the policemen caught me and I had to return the money to the shopkeeper.
         And then I go to prison. That’s where I am now.
         I feel very regretful.