1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

3 March 2010

An Accuse (4A Hon Lap Fu, 4A Nga Kei Chan, 4A Hiu Tung Cheung)

Scene 3
Narrator: In the last scene, Jonathan and his sister Denise found Micky Cheung copied Jon’s design; so, Jonathan starts to find out the evidence to prove Mickey Cheung did it.
(At his Classroom)
Jonathan: Oh, my goodness!
Yvonne: What’s up, Jonathan? You look so frustrated.
Jonathan: Yup! Somebody copied my design for the fashion design competition.
Yvonne: Really? I’m so sorry but how can I help you?
Jonathan: Umm…Did you see anyone used my laptop when I left it here?
Yvonne: Let me think… umm… No! (Doubtfully) nobody used your laptop before.
Ashley: I did see somebody used your laptop. (Fade In)
Jonathan: Who was that?
Ashley: That was you! Oh, that’s joking but I did hear somebody sued you for copying his design.
Yvonne: Who is the guy?
Ashley: Michael told me he was Mickey Cheung.
Jonathan: What? I must tell the teacher the truth. (Crossed)
Narrator: Without a doubt, Jonathan is really angry and he tries to tell the truth to the teacher. However, he has no evidence to prove himself and finally, both of them were disqualified. Now, he meets his friend in the McDonald restaurant.
(In McDonald restaurant)
Michael: Hi, Jonathan, are you all right? I heard someone sued you for copying. What’s happening?
Jonathan: In fact, he stole my idea for the fashion design competition. Then, he told the teacher he was the victim. (Angry)
Michael: How poor you are, Jonathan! But have you found out the evidence to prove that yet?
Jonathan: No, I haven’t. That’s why I’m so frustrated now.
Andrew: Hi, Jonathan, where’ve you been? I couldn’t find you when I got here.
Jonathan: Oh, I’m sorry because I could only find the seat at the corner.
Andrew: That is all right, by the way, we’re gonna be the neighbour because my parents bought the flat next to yours last month.
Jonathan: Oh, yeah. (Absent-minded)
Andrew: Jonathan, you look so frustrated, are you worrying about Denise?
Michael: What’s up with Denise, Andrew?
Andrew: Don’t you know that, Denise meets a boyfriend and she brought him to her home last Sunday. I even saw the boy used you laptop when Denise went to grab a drink. How dare she is, she’s just 13 right? Why weren’t you there?
Jonathan: Hang on, you mean the boy used my laptop when I wasn’t at home, right?
Andrew: Yup. I also took the photo.
Jonathan: How dare he is (Talk to himself), I must ask Denise when I get home.
Michael: Wow! It’s so late now; I’ve got to go home now.
Jonathan: Then, let’s go.
Narrator: When Jonathan gets home, he finds Denise is crying. Jonathan was angry before but when he sees that, he is quite puzzled.
Jonathan: What’s up, Denise?
Denise: Noth…nothing (sob) else. Get lost, Jon! (heart-broken)
Jonathan: I know you’ve met a boyfriend, Denise, just tell me what’s happening.
Denise: He’s a bad guy, a really bad guy, Jon. I’m so sad now.
Jonathan: Okay, tell me who the guy is, my beautiful Denise.
Denise: It’s Mickey, the guy who stole your design. He told me we met each other because he wanna steal you work. (Cry)
Jonathan: How can he treat you as a tool but why couldn’t you recognise him when we found he copied my work?
Denise: He told me he called Chri… (Sob) Chris when we met, I found out he was Micky when we broke up.
Jonathan: Okay, don’t be so sad now, my gorgeous Denise, I’ll find him tomorrow but anyway, you shouldn’t be dating with the boys anymore because you’re still young and you should work hard on your study.
Denise: Ye… (Sob) Yes.
Narrator: On the next day, Jonathan goes to 4B classroom and finds Mickey.
(Bells ring)
Jonathan: Excuse me? Is Mickey Cheung here?
Student A: Mickey Cheung? Hang on. (Shouted) Mickey, somebody wanna find you.
Mickey: I’m coming. (Fade In) What’s up, little boy.
Jonathan: Don’t tell lies, please, Mickey Cheung. I know what you’ve done.
Mickey: What have I done? Who are you?
Jonathan: I’m Jonathan from 4A, I know you copied my work before, please, just tell the teacher the truth.
Mickey: Hey, how can you say that? We all know the truth is you copied my work.
Jonathan: THAT’S ENOUGH! (Shouted) I’ve got TWO witnesses to prove you copied my work at my home.
Mickey: How… how can you know? (Scared)
Jonathan: Don’t you remember what you’ve told Denise before? Christopher Mickey Cheung.
Mickey: You…you’re Denise brother?
Jonathan: Of course.
Mickey: Let’s make a deal, shall we. I’ll tell the teacher that I’ve just made a mistake as the resolution, then, I’ll quit but you’ve got to give me your $5000 prize once you win the competition because I need the prize a lot to buy the trainers which’s the limited edition. How do you think?
Jonathan: Get lost! I will never accept all your bloody offers. I’ll tell the teacher what you’ve done before!
Mickey: Fine, I know what I should do. Hey, fellow, let’s go to the discipline room.
Narrator: What will Mickey Cheung do in the discipline room? Let’s go on and listen.
(In discipline room)
(Knock the door)
Mrs. Thatcher: Come in. Hello, what can I help you?
Mickey: (Sob) Mrs… Mrs Thatcher, Jonathan threatened me!
Jonathan: No! I haven’t, don’t trust him, Mrs. Thatcher.
Mrs. Thatcher: All right, stop. Please don’t shout here. Mickey, tell me what’s going on here.
Mickey: Yes, Mrs Thatcher. Jonathan threatened me as I sued him for copying my work.
Mrs. Thatcher: How did he threaten you?
Mickey: He said if I told the truth, he’d teach me a lesson.
Mrs. Thatcher: Is that true, Jonathan?
Jonathan: Of course not, Mrs Thatcher. In fact, he copied MY work and he is telling lie.
Mickey: Stop, you little silly sausage, how can you frame me up like this!
Mrs. Thatcher: Quiet! By the way, I’m just gonna investigate this case. Then, Mickey, please tell me how Jonathan stole your design?
Mickey: Yes, Mrs. Thatcher. Last Monday, I lost my laptop at school and I kept finding it for whole day! Finally, I found my laptop in Jonathan’s drawer after the ninth lesson and I also realised all of my design were lost! Three days later, I found my design was posted on the site but with the name Jonathan! That’s why I believe he is the thief and he stole my design.
Jonathan: No, Mrs. Thatcher, the case is more complicating indeed!
Mrs. Thatcher: Then, please tell me you version.
Jonathan: Yep, My sister, Denise invited her ex-boyfriend who is Mickey to home last Sunday and he copied my design when my sister grabbed the drink in the kitchen and here are the evidences. Besides, I also get two witnesses here, they’re Denise and Andrew.
Mrs. Thatcher: Oh! I see. Umm… Mickey, do you know everyone have to report to the class teacher if they want bring their laptop back to school and I can only find Jonathan’s application in this record, where’s yours?
Mickey: Umm… I… I just forgot to apply.
Mrs. Thatcher: but why didn’t you tell the teacher when you lost your computer?
Mickey: Umm…
Mrs. Thatcher: The answer is so obvious now because you’re telling lies, right. Don’t think we’re foolish and you can fool us with those terrible lies. Okay, you’ll receive the black mark as punishment. Besides, you have to apologise to Jonathan.
Narrator: This is the punishment for Mickey, perhaps you may think it’s not enough for him but in fact, he is the head prefect of the school. Well, well, well.
Aki the audience: Then, how about Jonathan?
Narrator: Well, Jonathan’s cannot get the prize in the fashion design competition because the judges think his punk fashion is too aggressive to them. It’s disappointing, isn’t it?

-The End-

Character list
Jonathan-Aki, Michael, Andrew
Denise, Yvonne, Narrator-Aki
Mickey, Ashley, Mrs. Thatcher

 Hon Lap Fu 4A28
 Nga Kei Chan 4A01
 Hiu Tung Cheung 4A04

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