1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

26 February 2010

Character: Jay Chou [J] ,Yang Guifei [Y], Fans [F], Emperor Xuanzong of Tang [T], Narrator [N], Jay’s manager [M] (4B Candy Ng, Daisy Ng, Yobi Kwan)

Scene1:[ Jay Chou and Yang Guifei and other fans gather in the crowded mall]
N : That day , the famous pop star , Jay Chou , is having a function in a big shopping mall which is in Hong Kong .
F : Jay![screaming]Welcome to Hong Kong ! We all love you!
J : Hi, my fans in Hong Kong . Long time no see, are you guys all right?
F: Yes![screaming]
J : Let me sing a song to all of you guys first!
J: That’s the end. Let’s watch another show now. Hope you guys will enjoy them.
F: Wow![scream]
N: Jay goes back to the backstage.
J: Manager, I want to go to the toilet , can I?
M: Um[Checking]…you still have 10 minutes left . I think you can go if you’re fast.
J: Oh, thank you. I will be fast. [wearing eyeglasses and a hat]

N: Outside the male’s toilet. Jay walks fast to the door.
J: I have to be fast……[astonished, the hat falls down] who…who’re you…? Why you come out of a male’s toilet?
Y: Oh , I’m sorry…[looking at Jay , bashful]He’s very handsome!..[muttering]
J: [look at Yeung’s pretty face , surprised]No one is more beautiful than this girl!...... [muttering]
Y: Um……what’s your name?
J: [surprised again] You really don’t know who I’m?
Y: Hey, come on. How can I know who you are?
J: Um……I’m Jay Chou , and you?
Y: I’m Yang Guifei. Nice to meet you, Jay.
J: What? [amazed] You are Yang Guifei…?
Y: It’s a lengthy speech......Let us have a tea and talk about it.
J: That’s great! But let me go to the toilet first……

Scene2:[ Emperor Xuanzong of Tang finds that Yang Guifei is missing]
T: Oh, I have not visited my dear Yang Guifei for a long time ! I miss her! Let me go and see her!
[Sound of walking]
[knocking the door]
T:[ecstatic]Hei , my dear Guifei! I come here to see you! Come on! Don’t you miss me?
N: After a second, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang still doesn’t hear any reply.
T:[Enraged]Where are you! Why don’t you come and welcome me?
[walking closer and get into Yang Guifei’s room]
N : After Emperor Xuanzong of Tang goes into Yang Guifei’s room , he just can’t find anybody!
T:[shocked]Where … where did my Guifei go? Oh no!
N : At that time, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang looks at the door near Yang Guifei ‘s bed.
T :What’s behind that door?
N: Emperor Xuanzong of Tang opens it. He can just see some light coming out from the door, and then…
T: Ar……..
T:[frightened] where am I now?
N: Emperor Xuanzong of Tang has gone to a place he has never been.
T:[suspicious] Oh, Is that my dear Guifei? And she is with a man… a very handsome man?

Scene 3
(In the shopping centre)
Yeung: (anxious) Are you hungry?
Chow: (curious) I am hungry, aren’t you?
Yeung: I am hungry too. I want to eat Kuifei chicken. Where’s the restaurant for buying the Kuifei chicken? Do you know?
Chow: I don’t know. Let’s find it together. Okay?
Yeung: Okay! Let’s go!
Yeung, Chow: Woo… We find it.

Yeung: (happy) Just get a seat quickly. I am so hungry.
Chow: (frightened) Don’t run. Be careful. I can’t follow you.
(They order the Kuifei chicken)
Yeung: So delicious.
Yeung: (innocent)(whispering) But I think the Kuifei chicken I cook is more delicious.

(They go out from the restaurant and stop in front of the restaurant)
Yeung: (blissful) Where are we going?
Chow: Clothes shop? Jewellery shop? Or the toy shop?
Yeung: I want to go to the toy shop. Do you know what the most popular toy is nowadays?
Chow: I don’t know. Let’s go to the toy shop.

(They walk to the toy shop quickly)
Yeung: (curious) This one is so lovely!
Chow: You love it? I buy it for you. Whatever you want, I will give it to you.
Yeung: (bashful) Oh… You are the best man in the world.
Chow: (blissful) I love you.
Yeung: I love you too.
Chow: I want to marry you. Don’t leave me forever. Can you stay here with me?
Yeung: I want to marry you too. I won’t leave you and stay here with you forever.
(They embrace each other warmly)

Narrator: Yeung Kui Fei and Jay Chou are followed by Tong Tai Chung. Tong Tai Chung wants to catch them.
T: (anxiously) Stop! Stop! Stop! Don’t run! (He’s pointing at soldiers!) Be quick! Be quick! Catch them quickly!! (Soldiers run…)
Y: (Jay is holding Y’s hand light) He has discovered us. We must go to a place where he doesn’t know! Um.... I know that ! (Delighted) The other place. We can go back to the past.
J: (doubtfully) HA?
(They go to a female’s toile)
Y: We can go back to the past in the third toilet.
(Flushing sound)

Scene 5
Narrator: At last, Jay Chou and Yeung Kui Fei use the third toilet to travel back into the past.

J :( Amazed) It is fantastic! Baby, where should we go?
Y :( Considerate) Um....Let us go shopping!
J :( Doubtfully) Ha?! But in the past I just know that there were markets.
Y :Yes! We only have markets, the Stanley Market. I take you there! (Excited)
J :Stanley Market!?

(Yeung kui Fei leads Jay Chou to Stanley Market)
Y :I want to buy some new clothes for you!(sweetly)
J :But we do not have much money.(worried)
Y :We don't need much money because Stanley Market's goods are very cheap. You can buy different kinds of goods there.
J: Honey, I wanna buy some accessories for you.
Y:( Pleasant) Thank you, sweetheart!

J: Look! There are many accessories. (Jay Chou helps Yeung Kui Fei put on some accessories on her hands, neck and head...)
Woo...Pretty girl! I love you!
Narrator: They live together forever!...

The End

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