1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

9 April 2009

3D English Radio Drama

Time master

By 3D Ocean Law, Dick Szeto, Ringo To and Samantha Lam

SCENE 1: INT. Sebastian’s bedroom
SFX: Alarm clock rings RUTH: Wake up, you lazy bug! You’re late again! The tutorial class is about to start, come on!
SEBASTIAN: (Sleepy voice, mumbling) Okay mum… five more minutes please…
RUTH: (Getting angry) No way!!! You get up or not, huh?
SFX: Grabbing a TV game box from a desk
(speaks loudly) Wow… the latest PS3 game “Gladiator”. I believe your niece must l love it, you know, his birthday is just around the corner.
SEBASTIAN: (Jumping up from his bed) Urgggh…Give me back my game!
RUTH: See, you’re so awake now. Go wash your face and get dressed.
SEBASTIAN: (Mumbling and getting up) Aaagh God! I just need a bit more time… Why do I have such an annoying, stubborn and stupid mum?
SCENE 2: EXT. Sebastian’s school – St. Georges High (Running into his classroom. Short of breath.)
MS. HONEY: Sebastian? You here? Has Sebastian arrived yet?
KEN: Ms. Honey, do you mean our “king of lateness”?
SFX: Class laughs
Don’t expect Sebastian to arrive on time, he is always late!
SEBASTIAN: (knocking the door) hey I’m here! Am I transparent? Is it really funny to say things behind someone?

KEN: Hey Sebastian, when you were saying “I’m here”, you weren’t really here. You were THERE at the door!
SFX: Class laughs
MS. HONEY: That’s enough, Ken! It isn’t funny. Sebastian, just go back to your seat and take out your homework.
SEBASTIAN: Thanks Ms. Honey.
SEBASTIAN: (Mumbling and looking at Ken and the others) I really don’t like you guys!

SCENE 3: EXT. On his way home SEBASTIAN is wandering on the street. Thinking about being late always and the people he hates.
SEBASTIAN: (Sighs) I don’t want to be late again! I don’t want to be threatened, laughed, hated.
WITCH: (Appeared in front of him quietly and trying to reach Sebastian) Sebastian, look at you, my miserable boy….
SEBASTIAN: (Scared) Who… who… who are you? I don’t know you…
WITCH: It doesn’t matter boy, I’m here to help you.
SEBASTIAN: What… what are you saying? I don’t need your help!
SFX: Magic is happening. A loud boom.
WITCH: (Shows the Magic Time Master) It is for you – it called “Magic Time Master”, you can control the time whenever you want, take it.
SEBASTIAN: Wow… Are you kidding me? This tiny timer can stop the time? Is it for me? For free?
WITCH: Of course it’s free for you! An old lady won’t lie.
SEBASTIAN: Wow… God is helping me! A generous old lady giving me a magic time-stopping gadget. She must be an angel…
WITCH: (Mumbling and walking away) don’t compare me with an angel…I’m better than an angel.
SEBASTIAN: Thanks! Old angel.

SCENE 4: EXT. At school
MS. HONEY: Sebastian? You here? Has Sebastian arrived yet?
SEBASTIAN: Hey Ms Honey, ‘am here. I arrived half an hour early.
MS. HONEY: That’s good. Now you always arrive on time, and even earlier. What a great improvement! You know, Ken and some students take sick leave today, they all got serious rashes on their face…
SEBASTIAN: Really? A smart kid can do whatever he wants.
MS. HONEY: What do you mean?
SEBASTIAN: I don’t know, did I say anything?
(Sebastian walks away)

SCENE 5: EXT. At home
SEBASTIAN: You alright, mum? What’s wrong with you? Your face…
RUTH: (being sick) I don’t know Sebastian, my face got rashes… I feel so hot…
SEBASTIAN: (Cries and shaking) Mum, you hold on…mum ‘am calling the hospital… they are taking you to the hospital…
RUTH: Sebastian, I can’t… can’t… brrrrreathhhhheeee….
SEBASTIAN: Mum, no, mum… please, please don’t….
SEBASTIAN: TIME-master, I can stop the time! Yes, I can stop the time!
SFX: taking out the time-master, but this time Sebastian saw what was written at the back of the time-master
SEBASTIAN:(voice shaking) “Dollar sign, people really care about you will all die, throw it in the river if you don’t need it anymore” Oh my God! The old lady is a witch!
SFX: Running out from his home. Throws the time master in the river.
Mum, you better? You Okay?
RUTH: Hey, Sebastian, my lovely boy… I feel much better now… Where were you?
SEBASTIAN: I love you mum.

The End

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