1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

24 May 2013

Laura and Samantha (3C Lung Cheuk Hang, Rita)

It was a sunny day. The weather was perfect for the first day of school. In the classroom of 5C, all students were glad to meet again and flocked to gossip. The bell rang and a teacher came with a girl. Everybody was curious who she was.

“Good morning everyone, I’m your new class teacher, Miss Chan. And this girl is your new classmate,’ Miss Chan announced, pointing to the girl beside her.

“Hello, I’m Samantha,” the girl said with a smile.

Samantha was a tall and pretty girl. She looked very mature and a little bit older than other students. Samantha was asked to sit next to Laura, who was helpful and intelligent. They became friends very soon.

“Laura, can you show me around?” Samantha asked after school.

“Okay, but not today. I need to go somewhere else. I’m sorry.” Laura answered embarrassingly.

After Laura had left school, she went to her boyfriend, Nick’s home. She saw many pills on a table and Nick was sleeping on a sofa.

“Nick, what’s up? Why are there many pills? Are you sick?”

“Don’t need to worry. I’m alright.”

“But how about these pills? Are you on drugs?”

“Shut up! Don’t speak like my parents! They don’t understand me but you should,” Nick shouted.

“Drugs are evil. I love you so I don’t want you to be hurt.”

“If you love me, you should take drugs with me,” Nick lost his temper.

Laura struggled a lot. Eventually, she was convinced. Since her first try on drugs, the problem started. Laura got addicted to drugs. She was not interested in anything, except drugs. As Laura did not pay attention in school and do homework anymore, her academic result dropped rapidly. Samantha noticed that there is something wrong with Laura.

“Laura, do you encounter any problem? You can tell me.”

“No! No! I’m fine,” Laura answered anxiously.

‘But why did you fail in exam? You usually get high marks easily.’

‘Umm…’ Laura did not want Samantha to know she took drugs.

Samantha realized Laura was so strange and decided to investigate.

Laura rushed to Nick’s home after school as usual.

‘Nick! Where are the drugs? ’Laura shouted as she could not find them.

‘Can’t you just zip up? You’re annoying. I lost my job and I can’t afford them,’ Nick shouted even loudly.

‘I can’t live without them!’

‘I have a great idea,’ Nick whispered, ‘deliver drugs!’

Laura thought a while, then she said, ‘I’ll do it. I’ll do everything for drugs.’

The next day, Laura went to a convenient store. Laura did not realize someone was chasing behind her.

‘Are you Laura?’ a stranger said.

Laura nodded.

‘Go to Tuen Mun Park. Find a man in brown jacket and jeans. Then give it to him and he’ll give you money.’ The stranger said and gave Laura a pack of drugs.

Laura left the convenient store. She was very scared. Her heart was pounding. She forced herself to look casual.

After a while, she reached Tuen Mun Park and found the man in brown jacket and jeans. She approached him slowly. Laura was sweating. As Laura attempted to give the drugs to him, someone grabbed her hand. It was Samantha!

‘You can’t do that!’ Samantha yelled emotionally.

‘Why are you here?’ Laura asked surprisingly.

The man was afraid to be caught so he ran away.

‘Freeze! I’m police.’ Samantha ordered.

Laura’s month fell open with surprise. Then, a large number of policemen came. Laura was frightened and almost fainted. She was caught and sent to a police station. Laura and Nick were found guilty and sent to prison at last.

A month later, Samantha went to jail to visit Laura.

‘How are you?’  Samantha asked sorrowfully.

‘I’m fine. I’m fighting my addiction to drugs.’

‘I’m sorry, Laura. I cheated you. I’m a policeman and my boss sent me to your school to investigate drug abuse in school. I really don’t want to catch my friend.’ Samantha sobbed.

‘I’ve thought a lot there. I was totally wrong and I deserved it. You don’t need to apologize. It was your duty. We are still friends, aren’t we?’

Samantha wiped off her tears. ‘What are you going to do in the future?’ She smiled.

‘I want to be a social worker. I want to teach teenagers not to take drugs. They can ruin your life. Knock drugs out!’

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