1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

8 May 2012

3D (19) Tsoi Kwun Wing

In the Middle Age, there was a little, weak girl named Violet. She was born in an extremely impoverished family. She lived in a crowded, small and chaotic house with her father and elder sister. Actually, her childhood wasn’t pleasant. Her mother died when Violet was five. After this event, her father became intemperate. He always mistreated Violet and her sister, Kathy after drinking wine. The siblings hated her father a lot. They decided to leave this fearful man.

Violet was nine and Kathy was sixteen. They ran away from their home silently one day. And they left successfully. ‘Sis, what should we go now?’ asked Violet. ‘I have no idea,’ Kathy replied sullenly, ‘maybe go to the town and find some jobs first.’ Then they went to the town.

They passed a forest, passed a lake, passed a grassland and passed a hill, but they still hadn’t arrived a town. ‘Please … please give me some food … I’m starving …’ abruptly the siblings heard a voice. Violet went on and saw a woman sitting near a tree. ‘She seems to be very hungry,’ Violet said to Kathy with a low voice. ‘It’s none of our business, Violet!’ Kathy roared, ‘let’s continue our journey.’ Violet ignored her order. She took out one piece of bread and gave the woman with a smiling face. The woman stared at Violet. Thank you! My dear caring little girl! You have saved my life!’ The woman felt grateful.

‘You stupid girl ……’ Kathy shouted, ‘We only have two pieces of bread!’ Violet shook her head. ‘I won’t eat the only bread which belongs to you, sister,’ Violet said.

They walked and walked. The sunset ended. ‘It is very dark!’ Kathy stunned. ‘Where can we go now?’ Violet asked. Suddenly it started to rain.

‘Sister, there is not any place for us to hide in this forest!’ Violet said anxiously.

Suddenly, they saw a light. A beautiful woman was sparkling.

‘I’m Sally the fairy. Actually the woman you saw this morning is my pretence. I’m going to reward you three wishes. Say your wish now!’ the fairy said. The siblings were astonished. ‘What? Is it true? A fairy?’ Kathy doubted, but she tried it. ‘I want a wealthy and healthy life forever! Can you?’ Kathy asked carefully. ‘No problem! It’s easy!’ Sally the fairy then made a magic.


‘Where are we?’ Violet was thinking.

They were in a big, big house with valuable furniture and a lot of servants!!! ‘Wow! It’s true! I’m not dreaming!’ Kathy shouted excitedly. ‘Violet! Take off these disgusting shoes! I’m going to dress a beautiful dress!’ Kathy threw out the shoes and went in the bedroom.

‘So … how about the second wish?’ The fairy asked Violet. Meanwhile, Kathy ran out at once and said, ‘I want to meet the most handsome prince in this country, and dance with him! It is impossible, isn’t it?’ Kathy laughed. ‘No problem!’ Sally the fairy made a magic again.

Kathy’s dream came true.

‘And, how about the final wish?’ the fairy asked.

‘I want ……’ Kathy said excitedly. ‘Sister!’ Violet claimed, ‘I have not made any wish yet!’ ‘Who cares?’

Kathy yawned, ‘You are my sister! I’m older than you. You have no wish! They are mine!’ Kathy pointed at her nose and said.

‘I want to become the princess!’ Kathy said.

‘No way! I won’t make it come true! And I’m going to take away the wishes you made. You are greedy and selfish!’ the fairy shouted.

Abruptly, all the wealthy things, the big house disappeared.

‘Violet, now I give you three wishes, only for you!’ The fairy said.

‘Dear Sally, I just want ONE wish,’ Violet replied, ‘I want my mother back. I want to live with her peacefully. No nervousness and worries forever.’

‘But … your mother was dead ……’ the fairy said.

‘I had no time to love her before. I want to love her forever and it is my responsibility to love her ……’ Violet cried.

Violet touched Sally. ‘OK! No problem!’ The fairy smiled. Sally the fairy went to find God immediately and told God this story.

‘OK. Let it come true!’ God allowed Violet’s mother to live again. He was touched too.

Finally, Violet saw her mother again. They lived in a normal house peacefully and warmly.

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