1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

17 November 2011

Writing (7A Tang Chin Ching, Rachel)

Elderly people are our beloved friends in our society. In the bygones days, contributing to the world, these senior citizens are worth enjoying their blomming lives in retirement. Nowadays, however, disheartening experiences are faced; solitary elders and inadequate welfare are the most lamentable phenomenon in this society.

“Solitary elders” the elders who live alone without any help or concern from their relatives. This distressing problem is induced by the indifference of the elders’ children. Looking after their parents is the fundamental responsibility. These people, however, evade this duty which should be shouldered by themselves deservedly. Some of them consider living with the elderly as a heavy burden which is very annoying. It may be regarded as a waste of money in some unfiliar child’s eyes. Shan Shui Po, an epicentric of solitary elders revealed this graves phenomenon to us. A solitary elder needs to face many difficulties that we have never imaged. From dancing alone in the living room, cooking for themselves, rescuing themselves even there are accidents. All these problems can harm the senior citizens, not only in physical condition, but mental one. This harms our elders, mirroring our failure on morality and education.

Inadequate welfare is another sorrow that the elders are facing. The only welfare that can really support their lives is the old age allowance. HK$1035 is provided by the government every month in order to acknowledge our adoration to the senior citizen. Nevertheless, as the problem of solitary elders intensified this allowance becomes a mainstay to the old to live. A strong contrast when we compare the

situation in Hong Kong and Sweden. The Swedish Government provides sufficient welfare to the elders. The expenditure on creating a barrier-free-environment is unlimited. It reveals that the Swedish Government is unlimited. It reveals that the Swedish Government has spared no pains on caring the old. When we take a closer look at the content of Hong Kong’s old age allowance, we will find that it is of no sufficiency for an elder to live. A breakfast in a restaurant costs 20 dollars food from the market cost 30 dollars. Transportation costs 10 dollars per day. There are still costs that are not included. However, the elder is only able to spend 30 dollars daily. What a hard life they have!

Pampering the elderly with love and care, we, both government and citizens should uphold the following ideas to lift the living standard of the old. The government can channel more and more resources to the elderly. The amount of the allowance on elderly should be expanded. The government can refer to the elderly policy of Sweden. Infinite fund should be provided to create a barrier-free-environment. Removal of bath and replacement of shower, installation of handrails beside toilet, these facilities can escalate the home safety. We, as citizens, should shoulder our duty to give our concern to the elders, especially the solitary elders. We can visit our neighbor and comprehend what they need. We can cook meals, prepare the requisite medicine, and dispose the waste for them. To us, we just lift a finger, but a staggering appreciation from the old.

The government tries to “help” the family to take care of the elders, rather than “replace” the family to take care of the elders. No matter how much the government or the community does if their children refuse to shoulder their own responsibility, all what we done is zero. As a son or daughter, we should always be grateful to our parents for providing love and care when he are still kids. It is time for us to repay our pampered elder to show them with love and care.

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