1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

17 December 2010

4A Class Presentation- No Regrets(巾幗梟雄之義海豪情)

Student A: Have you watched No Regrets? The last episode was just fantastic!
Student B: Which character do you like most? I found Lau Shing was really great! He is hard-working, intuitive, and heroic. He is my hero!
Student A: I found the romantic relationship between Lau Shing and Sister Kau is quite upsetting.
Student B: Why don’t we recall some great scenes now. Ready? Action!

Narrator: Sister Kau ’s brother got shot in the street, Skinny was suspected to be the shooter.
Sister Kau: Lau Shing, tell me where Skinny is. We won’t hurt him if you tell me now….
Lau Shing: You sure you won’t hurt Skinny? I’m sure he is not the one who shot your brother, he is a coward, he didn’t even pull the trigger once. How could he kill people?
Sister Kau: Of course I trust you. We want to help Skinny, come on, tell me now….
Lau Shing: He is hiding behind the cabinet inside your father’s room… please don’t hurt him…
Sister Kau: Okay, HE IS IN MY FATHER’s ROOM…
Sister Kau: (Gun pointing at him) Any last words before you die?
Skinny: (Body shaking and sobbing) Brother Shing… Brother Shing…please let me see your face again, must thank you for trying to save me, how can I repay your kindness? Brother Shing…Please… let me remember your face so I can repay you in my next life… Brother Shing….your are my great brother forever…I won’t forget you…
Lau Shing: Skinny…
Student A: Whoa! This is the best scene ever! Skinny’s performance was just speechless!
Student B: Wanna have more? The last but not least…

Scene 2
Narrator: Sister Kau wants to dig out the secret between her brother and her aunt. She believes they are hiding a secret. They are now in a restaurant.
Lau Shing: (Drunk, angry) I’m here to help Sister Kau; she said some people were annoying her recently! I’m here to stand by her! Did someone humiliate her because she is still single at the age of 30? Who dares to say it again in front of me?
Cheng Long-hei: (pretending calm) Just ignore this hooligan! He is no one! Go away now!
Sister Kau: (take out the grenade) Don’t think about leaving this room! No one can leave until you tell me the secret! Someone told me you called my brother “son” and my brother called you “mum” when he was in the hospital a few months ago! Tell me now, what is the relationship between you and my brother?
Cheng Long-hei : Are you insane? I’ve nothing to tell you, just let me go!
Sister Kau : (Close the door) NO one can leave! Tell me the secret now, otherwise I will pull the pin!
Sister Kau : (Pointing at Mr. Fung) You, you tell me now! Do you want to die now?
Mr. Fung: (Very scared) Fine! Fine! I tell you the secret now! Actually… your brother is your aunt’s son… he…he… isn’t your brother! He isn’t your dad’s son… he…he…
Sister Kau : So… that’s the secret! Huh? Now everything is clear, that’s why you hate me for so many years? So you are doing everything for your own son, how can you make my dad raise up your own son? How dare you make my dad a fool?
Student A: It’s cool! I love this scene. Lau Shing and Miss Kau are excellent at acting!
Student B: Wanna have more?

Scene 3
Narrator: Another war arises, Sister Kau fled to the States since she is on the list of assassination. For 30 years, she has lost contact with Lau Shing. Finally they unite.
Sister Kau : (delighted) Is that you, Lau Shing? Sister Kau salutes Lau Shing!
Lau Shing: (almost cry) Do you know I’ve been looking for you for ages… how…
Sister Kau : I received a phone call from Ma Ko Pan, they said you work as a teacher here…
Lau Shing: Yea, I’m a shooting instructor in this school now, teaching cadets to shoot…
Sister Kau : Really? Do you know I miss you so much…Shing, I’ve so many things to tell you …(walking down the stage)
Student A: (sobbing) finally they can be together. You know, we should treasure the time staying with our loved ones… How can we forget such a wonderful TV drama? That’s the end of our 4A class presentation, thank you!

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