1 Corinthians 13: 1 & 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 April 2009

3A Radio Drama Writing


So Yat, Kobe
Yu Ka Chun, Kelvin
Cheng Wai Lim, Iverson

Stop! Think!

Dick is a policeman, and he is 45 years old now. Dick’s family includes his wife, Kelly, his son, Michael, and his daughter—Janice.
They are a kind of traditional family, the father goes to work and the mother takes care of the housework.

One day, Dick is watching a car race on his TV. It makes him think about his dream many years ago. When Dick was only 8 years old, his father brought him to a race track and showed him what a car race is. Dick’s father told him, “When I was as little as you, my Papa brought me here too.” Dick replied, “Is he a racer?” “Yes.” His father answered. “But he is not a good role model, he chose his dream between me and mum.”

Dick spends half of his life to contribute to his family. He will do anything to make his family happy. But this time, Dick is a little bit swayed. He wants to achieve his goal, and does something for himself for he is so tired to give up the goal. He is sitting on the chair and asking himself, “Which one is more important to me? Dream or my wife, son and daughter. And suddenly, he decided to ask for his best friend’s opinion.

Dick: I am so confused. I don’t know what to do.

Ricky: What’s up, buddy?

Dick: I want to be a car racer!

Ricky: What is wrong with you? Man, you are a cop! How can you?

Dick: I know it sounds crazy, but it is my dream.

Ricky: It sounds very strange too! But as your best friend, I can’t tell you to give up, right?

Dick: Yeah, I am going to tell my wife.

Ricky: Are you crazy? She will kill you!

Dick: But I love my wife, I can’t lie to her. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.
Ricky: God bless you, Buddy!

Scene 2

Dick is at home now. He is thinking how to tell his family about his dream to become a racer. He is very annoyed.

Dick: (thinking) How can I tell my family? They’ll be very unhappy. I can’t do that. But this is my dream. I like it so much. I must tell them and I think they will understand me.

In dinner, all family members stay together. Dick wants to tell them immediately.

Dick: Kelly, I want to tell you something.

Kelly: I want to tell you something too. Can I tell you first?

Dick: Ok. What do you want to tell me?

Kelly: I have a baby. It’s been two weeks old now.

Michael: Oh! Mum, you have a baby! Is it a boy or girl?

Kelly: I don’t know. It is too early to tell.

Janice: I think it’ll be very lovely.

Kelly: Honey, what do you want to talk to me?

Dick: No, forget it.

At midnight, Dick and Kelly are on the bed. Kelly feels Dick is annoyed. She is asking him.

Kelly: What happened to you? Why are you so annoyed?

Dick: I want to be a racer.

Kelly: What! You want to be a racer.

Dick: Yes! This is my dream. I must do it.

Kelly: Oh! How about us? Do you care about us? Being a racer won’t have any future. Don’t do that!

Dick: I want to be a racer. I like this job very much. You can’t stop me.

Kelly: Even you don’t care about me. You must think about the baby.

Dick: I will care about you and the baby even if I become a racer. I can do that.

Michael: What happened Dad and Mum? Why are you two arguing?

Kelly: Your Dad said he wanted to be a racer. He doesn’t care about us.

Janice: Oh! Dad, you want to be a racer. Is that true?

Dick: Yes, that’s true. I must do that. That’s my dream. You can’t stop me.

Kelly: OK! If you choose to be a racer, you don’t need to come back again.

Michael and Janice: Mum! Don’t say that.

Dick: Ok! I go. I will not come back again.

Dick leaves the home quickly and he is very angry. Kelly, Michael and Janice are very sad.

Scene 3

Dick is crying in the spectator stand of a racetrack. Looking at the track, he thinks of being a racer and driving a racing car on this track from day to night. Now he has a chance to achieve his dream. He can’t let it go! Nothing can stop him now, even his family.

Benjiman: Hey! What are you going to be?

Dick: (As he points at the stage) I’m going to be a racer. Someday, I will become the one who stands on the top over there.

Benjiman: Then, how about your family?

Dick: My family… I think they will support me, although they feel angry about this tonight.

Benjiman: I was facing the same problem when I was young.

Dick: Did your family support you?

Benjiman: No, they left me at last. They left me a paper when I was back home. The paper says, “Just seize your dream. You will be the best one, but I’m sorry that I can’t stand beside you up to that day. I will bless you after I left every day.”

Dick: Did you become the best at last?

Benjiman: Yes, I won a lot of prizes but I didn’t feel happy when I was standing on the top of the stage. I thought prize would be everything when I had a family, but after they left, the prize became nothing to me. Without family, my heart is empty.

Dick: Then you think I should give up my dream and apologize to my wife after I go back home? The chance may not appear twice. Maybe this is the last chance in my life.

Benjiman: I just told you about my experience. What would you do next is up to you. I can’t control your mind, but I don’t want you to follow my footstep, the one that I am always regretting.

Dick: I… I don’t know.

Benjiman: Look at the photo in your wallet. Your family is smiling at you. The racing car is just a machine and the prize can’t comfort you when you are feeling down, but family is real. It’s the one you need to treasure.

Dick: Maybe you are right. I should listen to you. Can I ask you a question, who are you?

Benjiman: I’m your father.

(‘‘Ring! Ring! Ring!’’ The alarm clock is ringing. Dick wakes up.)

Dick: (Look at the sky) Thank you, father!

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